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Swag Hooks – Expand Your Design Options

From a design perspective, swag hooks are small but mighty. Swag hooks are small ceiling hooks that expand your pendant lighting display options. They allow you to easily adjust the drop location of your pendant, no matter where your junction box is located. This is especially key if you live in an older home or building, where junction boxes aren’t always in the most ideal locations.

Do I need a swag hook to hang my pendant lighting?

To answer this question, first consider where and how you want your pendant lighting to hang. Pendant lights are optimal in rooms that require task and ambient lighting — so, for example, in the kitchen where you need task lighting for prep and cooking, and ambient lighting for dining and entertaining.

Once you’ve identified the ideal space or spaces for your pendant lighting to hang, look for the junction box in your ceiling. Without a swag hook, your pendant light will hang directly beneath the junction box. If that space is ideal, great — no swag hook needed. But, if you want your pendant light to hang elsewhere in your room, a swag hook will help you hang your fixture virtually anywhere, whether a few inches or a few feet away from the junction box.

How To Install a Swag Hook

If you don’t want to hang your pendant light directly below your junction box, you’ll first need to find a light with a lengthy cord — something that spans your ceiling and can easily hang from the location you’ve chosen.

Swag hooks are easy to install. They anchor directly into your ceiling whether it’s wood or drywall.

Step 1: Start by wiring your pendant light’s cord directly into your junction box.

Step 2: Install your swag hook exactly where you want the light to hang. Once all is in place, hang the pendant light from the swag hook, and adjust the cord length to set your lights at the ideal height.

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