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6 Ways Smart Lighting Can Enhance Your Life

There’s no one perk to integrating Viro Smart LED Lighting into your space. From reduced energy costs to improved sleep, focus, and productivity, these versatile, sustainable lights deliver countless benefits from day one. A few of our favorite benefits?


#1. Better Sleep Quality

Color temperature is critical to a good night’s sleep. Cooler light has a higher color temperature which your brain interprets as sunlight — and that signals it’s time to get up and get moving. This is why experts recommend stashing your smartphones and tablets when it’s time for bed — the blue light these devices emit can impact your circadian rhythm and keep you from falling or staying asleep.

Choose warm lighting for your bedroom. Alternatively, opt for a Viro Smart LED Light, and set your lighting schedule to ensure cooler temperatures during the day and warmer hues at night. This will improve sleep quality while ensuring you have the right get-up-and-go lighting to help you make the most of every morning.


#2. Improved Focus and Productivity

During the day, you need focus. That’s where cool lighting comes in. Not only do these bluish hues help you stay awake, these temperatures also support focus and productivity while reducing eye strain and headaches.


#3. Boost Your Mood

There’s a direct correlation between light and our mood. Bright light can be a great mood booster while dimmer lights can help you relax. Smart LED lights make it easy to set the right tone so you’re ready to dive into the next task or, maybe, shift into R&R mode.


#4. Create the Perfect Ambiance

Part of conjuring up the right tone and mood involves setting that ideal ambiance. Think about how you feel on a bright, sunny day — or when you walk into a restaurant with dim, relaxed lighting. There’s an immediate shift in the vibe, and how you feel entering the space. Again, depending on the room and the experience, using smart LED lighting can be a simple way to ensure you’re always setting the right tone.


#5. Gaining Greater Control

Different situations require different lighting. Smart lighting gives you the freedom to change color temperatures for a space, without having to commit. You can adjust as needed.


#6. Scheduling Your Lighting Experiences

With Viro smart lighting, you can schedule lighting to turn on at a certain time in the morning. Wake up to light warm, focused light, as opposed to an alarm clock. You schedule light to mirror your circadian rhythm and maintain a regular sleep schedule.

Viro lighting uses smart LED technology to allow easy illumination control and color temperature settings, so you can shift between cool and warm light as needed, or automate lighting schedules based on times of day. Viro lights work with a typical wall switch and can be controlled through the Viro App.

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