Viro Lighting

Enjoy the benefits of
smart lighting with
the Viro App

Don't lift a finger

Bypass the light switch and change your light settings using Alexa or Google Assistant for easy control. 

Set the rhythm

Enjoy light that syncs with your circadian rhythm using our Rhythms automation. This setting mimics the light cycles of the sun, promoting behavioral and psychological benefits.  

Ditch the alarm clock

Wake up the way we were programmed to, with a gradual increase of light. Tailor your automation settings to wake up and wind down at any time you choose. 

Feel secure on vacation

Give the impression that you’re still at home while out of town. Vacation mode does the heavy lifting and manages your lighting while you’re away making memories. 

Make a scene

Use our Scene setting to quickly customize and choose a light option that can match a variety of activities. Relax, read, work, play and more.

Time to focus

We all work from home, whether it’s a day job or daily to-do. Tune your light for maximum focus and get in the groove.

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