Viro Lighting


Viro launched in January 2023 with a single goal in mind: to make better light.

The smart lighting brand combines the minds of artists and engineers with a shared passion for design, technology, and innovation. It’s backed by Hammerton, the largest luxury lighting manufacturer in the U.S. with over a quarter century of design leadership in the decorative lighting industry. 

Light has the power to transform our moods and behaviors as well as our spaces. Color temperature and brightness levels are key to the way we experience our environment.

It is not enough to think about a light fixture as something that simply illuminates a space or serves as a decorative accessory. Viro’s combination of functional and aesthetic design makes it unlike any other smart light on the market today.

Today our spaces evolve frequently and often serve multiple purposes at once. Viro enables beautiful design to endure in a range of environments. We created Viro to be fully adaptable to these inevitable changes, whether in lighting function, design, or location.

Material, process and quality each play a pivotal role in our design decisions. We take pride in celebrating the centuries-old tradition of handblown glassmaking, while our metals and synthetics are carefully engineered for strength, durability and aesthetics.

We revel in creating light that will be cherished for its beauty and utility in your everyday and for years to come. We hope you love your light!

-Team Viro


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