Viro Lighting

Introducing the New Look of Smart Lighting

Finally, stylish and smart LED
pendant lights that complement
the most upscale decor

Introducing the New Look of Smart Lighting

Finally, stylish and
smart LED pendant
lights that
the most
upscale decor

The Difference is Crystal Clear

Unlike the majority of glass lighting on the market, Viro smart pendant lights feature the highest quality lead-free crystal. Crystal glass is unparalleled in its ability to refract light and captivate the eye. Our artisans handcraft each glass shade with heavy weight to emphasize the purity and beauty of the material.

From a quality standpoint, Viro offers the best smart pendant lights available today. Read more about our crystal glass here.

Three bullet-shaped smart pendant lights hanging from the ceiling.

Simple Assembly & Installation

Viro smart pendant lights are designed to be easily installed without professional help, and connecting to smart home systems like Amazon Alexa or Google Home is quick and easy.  Or simply use the free Viro App to automate your light. No hub or additional hardware is required.

Cut-Free is the Way to Be

These smart hanging lights are truly adjustable. Using our unique spool system, the cord can be as short or as long as you like. Enjoy up to 12 feet of usable length.

Because the system is cut-free, you never have to commit to one length. Go ahead and adjust your fixture height until you get it right. If you change your mind, switch rooms, change apartments or move to a new home, your Viro hanging smart lights move with you.

Designed for Today – and Tomorrow

Change happens. And when it does, your Viro smart pendant light will be ready. Our interchangeable glass and cap designs are made up of modular parts that can be put together, taken apart, and reimagined for your future space. With built-in smart automations, the light output can be tuned from 2,700K to 5,000K to let you “choose your white.”

Nice swag

Our custom-designed swag hooks provide endless potential for drop locations in your space. Is your junction box just too far out of reach? Easily shift your hanging smart light with this simple solution.

Smart home sustainability that shines

We’re committed to keeping Viro smart light fixtures where they belong: in your home and out of landfills. That’s why we designed each light to be energy efficient, long-lasting, and built to evolve with interchangeable caps and glass. 

Artisanal design with forward-thinking technology.

Artisanal design with
forward-thinking technology.


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