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Pearl : Design Inspiration

Pearls have been in style since ancient times. Imagine diving under water and finding such lustrous objects. What else would you want to do but immediately adorn them on your skin. They are the only jewel created by animals- mollusks. Perhaps this is part of its charm, the fact that each is made individually in nature and no pearl can be exactly the same. Indeed, pearls share this quality with hand blown glass- each piece is unique,  and there is no special cutting or polishing required to reveal its beauty. It’s that natural touch that charges an object into something you can’t resist.

The Pearl Smart Pendant provides functional, everyday jewelry for the home. The design is clearly seen within the Mid-century modern ethos, carrying the belief in minimal ornamentation, form following function, and bringing nature indoors. These ideas were advanced by Walter Gropius’ Bauhaus school in the 1900’s. Among many many other things, Bauhaus artists created a variety of luminary designs that include the simple and timeless white globe.

Why did we include the Pearl in our first release of glass designs? The globe will always achieve 100% functionality, and it will never go out of style. Our Pearl globe is 8.5″ diameter, adorable and functional in so many spaces and applications.

We offer the globe in three metal finishes: Carbon Black, Flint Silver, and Mica Gold. These three options can match any interior style, whether the space is warm, cool or neutral.

We also hand blow the glass in two different finishes: Crystal Clear, and Opal White. The Crystal Clear glass is minimally gorgeous that reveals the flat diffuser disc from below. The Opal White offers a second veil of diffusion. It is a semi-transparent white color that was historically used in lighting because of it’s attractive soft glow. As you use the Viro light and change the LED color temperature throughout the day, the Opal White picks up these temperature subtleties and the surface warms and cools along with your temperature selection.

If you’re unsure of what style to choose, remember that the Pearl design is timeless. We take a classic and elevate it with ceaseless smart light functionality, you can’t go wrong.

Artisanal design with forward-thinking technology.


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