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Pendant Lighting Guide for the Bedroom

The bedroom is a special spot in the house, decorated and designed specifically for each person who uses it. When it comes to lighting this space, having different layers and types of fixtures ensures that the space is bright when needed, and can be relaxing when wanted. One way to achieve this layered style is with pendant lights.

Pendant lights, also referred to as drops, hang from the ceiling and can be an unexpected way to add style to the bedroom. Pendant lights can be the perfect choice for accent lights, and are a good way to adjust the lighting amount, the temperature of that light, and the overall look in general. There are a few factors to consider when choosing pendant lights for a bedroom:

Placement location

The first thing to think about when choosing pendant lights for the bedroom is their placement. Owing to the fact that most pendant lights are in the accent light category, a good place for pendants might be hanging on either side of the bed, situated over a bedside table, or even over a desk.

Placement height

As pendant lights hang down from the ceiling, their height can be customized based on ceiling heights, nightstand heights, headboard type, etc. The general rule for hanging pendant lights above a table or surface is to allow 30 to 32 inches between the bottom of the light and the top of the surface, keeping in mind that this number might slightly change depending on the size and shape of the pendant itself. If hanging a pendant over the middle of the bed, it needs to be hung at a height where it will not become a hazard for people getting in and out of bed.


Finding the right size of pendants for the bedroom is a skill unto itself. If you have a smaller space, oversized pendants on either side of the bed will be overpowering. If you have a large room, having additional large pendants in various spots will help to fill the space. Some experts advise to add up the length and width of the bedroom, convert that number to inches, and then use that number as the diameter of the pendant. In the end, it will greatly depend on preference and intended use of the pendant, as well.

Color temperature

A final component to consider when deciding on pendant lights for the bedroom is the color temperature of the light bulbs themselves. If utilizing the pendants above the desk, having brighter bulbs might be beneficial. For pendants on the sides of the beds, having lights that can adjust with circadian rhythms and dim would be a great supplement to a beautiful fixture.


Pendant lights in the bedroom can be a great way to add elegance, decor, and style. By taking these considerations into mind, you can create a sanctuary that is both functional and beautiful.

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