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Smart Lighting 101

Ten years ago, installing a smart lighting system meant building a whole home integration system and spending thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in the process. Fast forward to today and “smart” is the new standard for everything from home security and maintenance to electronics and lighting. It’s easy and affordable to install and all controlled with a few quick clicks.

So…what is smart lighting?

Simply stated, smart lighting LED lighting that can sync with your WiFi network and  be controlled remotely — usually via smartphone or tablet. With that added connection, it’s easy to adjust your light levels, color temperature, and other key features. You can even schedule different fixtures to turn on or off throughout the day, saving energy, creating the right ambiance, or keeping your home illuminated, even when you’re away. Viro smart LED lights connect with popular home automation platforms like Alexa and Google Home.

Though more of an investment than traditional lights, smart lighting is a more energy-efficient and cost-effective choice in the long run, providing unprecedented versatility in lighting and a longer lifespan.

What to consider when browsing smart lighting

If you’re exploring smart lighting options, it’s essential to look for a fixture that meshes with your existing lighting and hardware. Like any new addition to your home, lighting needs to work with your space both technically and aesthetically, not against it. So be sure that your new smart lighting is a good fit and that it’s compatible with existing light switches and dimmers.

Next, consider the technical aspects of your smart lighting. For added convenience, you’ll want a smart light that connects to your mobile device and any existing home automation platforms. Some require a hub for the smart lighting to function as well. Viro lights do not require a hub and can connect directly to your WiFi.

If you need a light fixture that adjusts to your vacation schedule, the time of day, and so on, opt for a smart light that provides a lighting schedule option. Viro allows you to set specific schedules for your smart light fixture. Plus, you can control multiple lights from one app.

Above all, ensure that your smart lighting solution is easy to use and fits your needs.

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