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Why You Should Buy Lighting Made in the United States

Made in the United States, Viro Lighting provides functional luxury: bringing affordable designer quality, purposeful design, authenticity, and smart lighting capability to your home. Here are a few reasons you should choose lighting made in the US.

Higher Quality of Goods

Buying US lighting ensures you have a higher quality of goods than you would shopping from a foreign retailer. The US has higher quality standards than most of the world, in everything from better working conditions to environmental and product quality standards. Buying lighting made in the US ensures that your product fulfills US standards, whether they relate to energy efficiency or light output.

No Cost-Cutting, No Compromises

While buying lighting from overseas may be cheaper, shipping comes with a hefty price tag. Therefore, manufacturers find other ways to minimize costs. This can include reducing the weight of materials, using cheaper materials; manufacturing smaller products; and so on. On the other hand, US-made lighting does not need to compromise on size and scale. At Viro Lighting, since we manufacture our products here in the US, we focus on aesthetics and function first. Our products are high-quality, affordable, and cost-effective.

Supports the US Economy

Buying local, US-made goods supports workers here in the US, keeps our economy healthy, creates more jobs, and bolsters the US manufacturing industry. This helps ensure that US communities are strong and prosperous. Furthermore, buying US-made items ensures that goods you purchase are subject to strict labor safety standards.

Better Customer Service

At Viro, our customer care team is more than happy to help you with any issues that may come up with your order. Buying US-made lighting means that you can benefit from high quality service and customer care in similar time zones and languages. You won’t need to worry about tracking down your order overseas.

Faster, More Reliable Source of Supply

The COVID-19 pandemic has created supply chain issues that have made international trade difficult. As trade issues continue to affect the supply chain, buying locally is becoming a more appealing, less expensive option. Viro Lighting creates products that are almost completely made in house here in the US, thus minimizing supply chain issues. With a more reliable source of supply, there is less disruption in the supply chain, and products arrive faster and more reliably.

Environmentally Friendly

Buying US-made products is easier on the environment than purchasing from overseas suppliers. Shipping products across the globe creates pollution and waste, so US-made products have a smaller carbon footprint than products manufactured overseas.

About Viro Lighting

Viro Lighting provides functional luxury for residential lighting: authentic, affordable lighting solutions with designer quality and smart capabilities. Viro combines the beauty and authenticity of US artisan hand-blown glass with smart LED technology that allows for complete control of the lighting environment. Thanks to innovative patent-pending design and engineering, Viro smart pendants are super-easy for anyone to assemble, install and connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Home via the Viro App.

Artisanal design with forward-thinking technology.


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