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5 Pendant Lighting Ideas For Your Home

A well-placed pendant light enhances your decor without sacrificing functionality. These versatile fixtures can be used for general lighting, task lighting or for creating ambiance.

But paired with the form and function of Viro smart pendant lights, there’s no need to choose between these functions. Instead, you have complete control over your lighting environment with just the tap of a finger.

Here are five pendant lighting ideas to help make your home shine.

Kitchen Island

The kitchen island serves many purposes. Whether you need bright task lighting for meal prep or warm ambiance for casual entertaining, a row of 3-4 pendant lights for a kitchen island does just the trick.

Combine that with Viro Lighting’s versatile LED capabilities and you can instantly switch between light settings to suit any activity.


Dining Room

Swap your outdated chandelier for a dining room pendant light. This single update can modernize your room from “stuffy formal Thanksgiving” vibes to cocktails and game night.

With easy installation and no-cord cutting required, you can install Viro Lighting’s smart pendant light without the need of an electrician. Better yet, since you’re not constrained to a specific cord length, you can take your pendant light to wherever you call home in the future.


Pendant lights in the bedroom are a sleek way to add ambiance and take advantage of the smart IoT features like lighting schedules. Set your lights to dim at night for winding down and gradually brighten in the morning for a more gentle method of waking up.

Placing a bedroom pendant light over each nightstand adds a sleek, modern aesthetic to the room and eliminates “cluttered nightstand syndrome.”


Office Area

The right office lighting can enhance productivity and make you feel more alert while you’re working. This makes smart pendant lights an aesthetically pleasing solution to bring the light closer to your work area without sacrificing desktop space.

With LED temperature capabilities from 2000-4500k, your office area can feel energized and bright or cozy and focused – all of which can be controlled from your mobile app, Alexa or Google Home.


Living Room

Swag a pendant light over the reading chair in the corner, or place one at each end of the sofa to incorporate functional task lighting that can be quickly converted to set the evening mood. 

Each living room pendant light con integrate with a swag hook to expand your placement options as well.


Smart Lighting Without Unsightly Bulbs

Viro offers the only American-made smart decorative pendant light on the market. The hand-blown artisan glass designs integrate the LED lights directly into the design so you never see an unsightly bulb. 

Explore Viro smart pendant lights to find the perfect light for your home.

Artisanal design with forward-thinking technology.


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